Killander Music Records AB (KMR Studios)

KMR Studios is a music studio and indie record label in Uppsala that offers services in three areas: music, publishing and education. Our mission is to contribute to more people making more music in a way that is fun, sustainable and exciting. Whether you’re looking for a collaborator for your fourth album or your first single, we want to help you find what you love the most with your creative work, create goals, and then help you achieve them. 

Music studio

Since 2019, KMR Studios has produced 260+, mixed 320+ and mastered over 500 songs that have been released on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. KMR is also the first and currently one of only two studios north of Stockholm that are certified by Dolby to produce, mix and master in Dolby Atmos – in Sweden. Read more about the music studio

Record label

We are an independent record label that’s always on the side of the artist. With us, you won’t find any complicated contracts. We think long-term and we only want to work with creative people who want to work with us because they like us, not because a contract forces them to. We offer the artists and bands that we work with the opportunity to get help with everything related to releasing music; administration, graphic design, publishing and promotion. Read more about the record company


Education is close to our hearts and we work hard to provide lectures, courses and workshops that are cutting edge. We offer both standardized and customized courses, workshops and events, lectures and educational materials. We mainly offer our education-services in Swedish, but we also offer 1o1 classes. Contact us for more information


The Team

Filip Killander oktober 2022 KMR Studios

Filip Killander
Music producer, project manager

Filip is responsible for the creative work and the completion of our artists’ music.

Read more about Filip

KMR Studios personal – Erik Almqvist

Erik Almqvist
Graphic Desiger

Graphic Design,   

Photo- & Videography,


KMR Studios personal – Kasper

Kasper Randler

Music production, Administration, Copywriting.

Simon forslund kmr studios

Simon Forslund
Coach, lecturer

Simon is in charge of our educations services and courses that focus on helping artists spread their own music.


We are always open for interns, who are seeking practical experience from the music industry.

Read more about internship at KMR



  • Filip Killander starts Killander Music Records (KMR). 



  • KMR holds its first studio session and distributes its first song during spring, and after that the number of clients steadily increases.
  • During spring KMR employs its first consultant and starts accepting internships from universities.
  • During fall KMR moves out from Filips home studio in Gränby to a dedicated studio in Svartbäcken where the business continues to expand. 
  • Shortly after moving to the new studio, a song released by KMR is played on the radio for the first time.



  • During spring Filip starts working full time at KMR Studios.
  • KMR expands to working with other companies like Les Mills and Bonnier.
  • A number of large investments are being made in terms of gear, instrument and microphones. The studio is continually making sure to meet the clients needs.
  • KMR employs more consultants working partly remotely and, for some projects, in the studio.



  • KMR is being transformed into a limited company, or ”AB”, at the start of the year.
  • During late summer time the studio moves to a new location in central Uppsala. The new location is bigger and consists of two studio rooms
  • KMR signs its first permanent employment.
  • KMR:s first live-event Acoustic Vibes takes place and turns out to be a success, followed up by a second event during fall that is also very much appreciated. 
  • KMR:s Studio A gets Dolby Atmos certified. It’s the first studio in Uppsala and one of few studios in Sweden of its kind.


  • KMR reaches 250+ produced and mixed projects
  • Genelec released an interview with Filip Killander about KMR Studios going immersive
  • KMR reaches 400+ mastered projects 
  • KMR becomes an approved Apple Digital Masters Mastering Studio
  • KMR reaches 330+ distributed songs
  • KMR reaches 120+ projects mixed and mastered in Dolby Atmos
  • During late summering KMR together with Genelec, Avid, msonic and Dolby host a great event att Nordic Film in Uppsala called “The Dolby Atmos Music Experience


  • KMR reach 300+ mixed tracks (stereo and atmos)


Summary of KMR:s finished projects (since 2020)











Last updated: 2023 12 30

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Our goals

KMR:s goals are to help our customers to fulfill their dreams by offering the best possible service, inspiration and expertise.  

Out values

Equality, entusiasm, and humility

Our vision

The professional music company who is leading in artist development, musical creativity and sustainability.