Entrepreneur, Producer, and Artist

At first glance, Filip Killanders journey may seem scattered, but according to him it has been a straight path. After three years of studying entrepreneurship, he immediately started his studies at Halmstad University. Three years later, he earned his bachelor’s degree in Social Psychology. Simultaneously, he worked full-time on starting, managing, and optimizing bars, nightclubs, and a café. The most notable one was Liam’s Bar & Café. And after his bachelor’s degree Filip moved to Uppsala. There, he pursued studies that two years later led to a master’s degree in psychology at Uppsala University.

After his studies, Filip took a job as a project manager at a media agency. There, he spent the next three years helping small and large companies with their marketing. The job involved getting to know the companies and creating strategies based on their marketing budgets to optimize their turnover. After three years, Filip was recruited as a communication and marketing manager at a local Uppsala company. At this company, he continued to work on marketing, but with an increasing focus on internal communication.

KMR Personal 2022 Oktober- Filip Killander

In summary

How did he get here?
To summarize the journey before the music career started: 

  • 3 years in the hospitality industry, focusing on optimizing venues, training staff, procurement, accounting, marketing, and a lot of stress management.
  • 4 years in the media industry, focusing on marketing strategies and internal processes.
  • 5 years of university studies, a bachelor’s degree in social psychology, and a master’s degree in psychology.

With this experience under his belt, Filip started Killander Music Records (KMR Studios) in 2019. It all began with his pursuit of independently releasing his own music. Saying that that decision took him further than imagined is a significant understatement. To read more about KMR’s journey, head over to our About Us page for more information.

Acoustic Vibes - Filip killander

Founder of KMR Studios

Since the beginning of 2021, Filip Killander has been working full-time at KMR Studios, whose operations have grown exponentially since its inception. Over three years, the business has grown from one employee to eight today. These employees comprise four producers, two IT specialists, one facilities manager, and one accountant. 

Today, Filip’s responsibilities are mainly focused on two areas: working closely on major music projects with artists, bands, and companies, and business development and collaborations. 

If you want to get in touch with Filip, the easiest way is through our contact page or via the form at the bottom of this page.