Produce Music with Professionals

On this page, you will find information about services KMR Studios offers in music production.

This service is for those looking for a place to produce a song, jingle, or recording a specific instrument for a production. You decide what needs to be produced, and then we assist you every step of the way. We can record with you in our studio, remotely, or we can come to you and record on site (e.g., live performance, wedding, or corporate event).

KMR Studios Musikproduktion i Uppsala

Included with Production Booking

  • Professional music producers with extensive experience (260+ songs on Spotify)
  • Access to world-class studio space, equipment, instruments, and plug-ins
  • Phone/video meetings with the producer (or on-site in our studio)
  • Unlimited revisions

When you book music production with KMR Studios, we always work in Dolby Atmos.
A stereo version of the produced content is included at no extra cost. 

KMR Studios Musikproduktion i sverige

Music Production Services

At KMR Studios, we have produced over 260 songs since 2020, released on platforms like Spotify. Our producers have worked with individuals, professional artists, and companies in both large and small projects, ensuring that the results always meet your expectations. Read the reviews on Trustpilot for a more detailed insight into our satisfied clients experiences!

When you book music production with us, you have full access to world-class musicians, instruments, and equipment (music studio). Whether we work on-site in our studio, at your location, or remotely is your choice or in consultation with us. Contact us and tell us more about your project to receive a tailored proposal.

More Information

Filip Killander

If you book time in Studio A or services in mixing, mastering, post-production, Dolby Atmos, and larger music projects, you’ll be working with Filip Killander. With extensive experience working closely with artists and bands, he not only brings his expertise but also creates a safe and inspiring work atmosphere in the studio. 

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Would you like to know more about who we are before deciding to work with us? That’s a wise choice. On this page, you can learn more about the people working at KMR Studios, how we work, and what we offer beyond mixing and mastering.

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