The artist and songwriter Oliver Zach releases his new single 'Någonstans'! A pleasant, summery song [...]

Psalm 24

Artist Mattias Hoffert releases his latest EP 'Psalm 24', which contains two songs with a [...]

made to burn

The artist and songwriter The Actress releases her debut single 'made to burn'! A song [...]

Memories in the Dark – 1984

The electronic music duo Memories in the Dark releases their debut album '1984'! A collection [...]

Remember Love’s Around You

The artist and songwriter Terese Bååth releases her debut single 'Remember Love's Around You'! A [...]

Kung av Sverige

The rapper and artist Mujinga is currently releasing the single "Kung av Sverige", a song [...]

Teardrops From Heaven

The skilled musician and guitarist Tommy Hammarsten releases his latest single 'Teardrops From Heaven'! The [...]

DBI – Angel By My Side

Artist duo DBI releases their new single 'Angel By My Side'! A song with both [...]

What Are You Up To

The artist and songwriter Olai is releasing the EP 'What Are You Up To' consisting [...]

Johnny B Back

The guitarist and singer Tommy Hammarsten releases his latest single 'Johnny B. Back'! A song [...]

Och så levde de

The artist Mattias Hoffert is releasing his new EP "Och så levde de"! A beautiful [...]

Heart To Heart

Savannah Strand releases her second single "Heart To Heart"! A song with a delightful vibe [...]

Reflections EP

Nadja Eriksson releases the lively and thoughtful EP "Reflections"! A delightful collection of three songs [...]


The artist Lupus J releases his latest song "Stay," which is a modern blend of [...]

Va dig själv

The artist and rapper Mujinga releases the song "Be Yourself"! A powerful musical piece that [...]