From living rooms to cinemas

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KMR Studios launches The Photo Studio

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Gamla Uppsala Church in Dolby Atmos

During the production of the single "Va Dig Själv" with hip-hop artist Mujinga, we went [...]

Dolby Atmos Workshop at cinema in Uppsala

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100 songs mixed in Dolby Atmos

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Malmsjö grand piano in Dolby Atmos

KMR Studios was hired by composer Johan Sundelöf to record an instrumental album played on [...]

Dolby Atmos Workshop

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The Dolby Atmos (Music) Experience

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KMR Studios is revolutionizing music projects

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Discover Dolby Atmos

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Two employees advance to the final in P4 Nästa!

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KMR Studios awarded Apple Digital Masters certificate!

KMR Studios has been certified by Apple Music and now has an Apple Digital Masters [...]

Genelec Immersive Talks with KMR Studios

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Gothenburg Film Festival 2023

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