Education is close to our hearts so we work hard to provide cutting-edge materials and courses. We offer both standardized and customized courses based on your needs, both in-studio and remotely. Learn more on our website or contact us if you have any questions or inquiries.

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Individual Courses (1-2 hours)

Individual courses are a great way to try out one of our educational programs before investing in a longer course. They are also a good choice for those who know exactly what they want to further develop in.

Examples of individual courses: 

  • Garageband (basic)
  • Logic Pro (basic, advanced)
  • Dolby Atmos (advanced)
  • Introduction: Recording Techniques (basic)
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Courses (2-4 sessions)

Courses are a great way to delve deeper into a subject you already know a lot about or to learn about an area you have no previous experience in.

Examples of courses: 

  • Recording Techniques (basic, advanced) – 4 sessions
  • From Song Idea to Spotify (basic, advanced) – 4 sessions
  • Recording and Arranging Vocals (advanced) – 2 sessions
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Coaching & Consulting

Do you want to learn how to promote yourself as an artist? Do you want to reach more fans? Our collaboration with S:mon allows us to offer you a customized plan for how you can succeed and reach a wider audience!

Examples of programs: 

  • Building an Audience and Reaching More Fans (basic) – 4 sessions
  • Writing a Hit Song (basic, advanced) – 4 sessions
  • Song Lyric Feedback (basic, advanced) – 1 session</ li>
  • Artist Development – Ongoing arrangement

More Information

Filip Killander

If you book time in Studio A or services in mixing, mastering, post-production, Dolby Atmos, and larger music projects, you’ll be working with Filip Killander. With extensive experience working closely with artists and bands, he not only brings his expertise but also creates a safe and inspiring work atmosphere in the studio. 

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Simon Forslund

Simon is responsible for our education and courses that focus on helping artists promote their own music. Simon is also involved in his own music (S:mon) and has successfully spread it with the help of his exponentially growing TikTok profile.