Christafar-i debuts with Higher Power

On the 28th of April, the UK rapper (currently living in Sweden) Christafar-I debuts with the cinematically inspired rap/trap/grime single “Higher Power”.
The hard hitting beat together with various electronic/rave/techno infused elements this track invites the listener to embark on an exhilarating journey together with Christafari’s spiritually inspired lyrics.

The power of a full moon

Listen to the release here

“I was going through a powerful transformation in life rising from the darkness to light after many years of being lost in myself with no true purpose I had just discovered spirituality and Meditation was one the main tools that helped me to heal and reconnect with my soul. Learning who I truly am and what my mission is here on this planet! Music has always been a calling so I decided it was time to for me to start writing down the powerful messages that were being sent to me. Higher Power was channeled under the power of a full moon seven years ago and it was nuts! The words just flowed through me like nothing I can really explain. I just call it magic.”

Accessible yet complex

And it feels like magic listening to Higher Power. The intro sounds like a pirate ship floating in outer space. Then the track slowly transforms into a trap/grime rap song that is as captivating as it is exciting. The thread trough out the track is the positive and encouraging lyrics which blends very well with the accessible yet complex production.

Working with KMR Studios

“It feels truly awesome to be in KMR’s Studio A and work with Filip Killander on my first song. Everything just flowed and I think we smashed it! There’s obviously things I think could be better but I don’t want to get stuck due to perfectionism. I think it’s more important to share the music, the positive message and keep developing myself, my artistry and my music. And there’s a lot of exciting stuff already planned for this year.”
Higher Power was written by Christafar-i and produced, mixed and mastered at KMR Studios by Filip Killander in Studio A. Both in stereo and Dolby Atmos. Chris was present in the studio through out the whole project and was part of the production as well as several mixing decisions.

Engineer Filip Killander about the project

From the first time I met Chris I just knew that the project was going to be wild – and I was totally right. It’s been a truly awesome ride and I can’t wait to begin our next project. Chris is like a creative bomb that goes of several times a session – and I love it! We explored every idea and turned every stone in search for the right sounds for the project. I have no idea how many hundreds of kick and snare samples we’ve listened to.. but we found it and it was worth it! The beat is a awesome mix of drum samples, virtual instruments and funny noises we made around the studio.
Artist: Christafar-i
Lyrics: Christafar-i
Music: Christafar-i, Filip Killander
Production, Mix & Master: Filip Killander
Dolby Atmos: Filip Killander @ KMR Studios
Studio for recording, mix and master: KMR Studios
Photo: Christafar-i
Cover & Canvas: Filip Killander 
Recording year: 2023
Release date: 2023 04 28
Skivbolag: KMR Studios
Christafar-i: Rap
Filip Killander: Programming, keys, drums and percussion

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