"My music is all about transmutating energy and raising conciseness by using my words to radiate the power of positivity. I want to help awaken and empower people towards a journey of self discovery. I'm inspired by natural law and how everything is spiritually connected. I’m all about spreading love and high vibrations everywhere I go!"
- Christafar-i

Straight out of UK

Rapper, artist and songwriter Christafar-i fell in love with the art of rapping the first time he heard the original UK jungle / drum n' bass MC's. He draws much inspiration from many MC's. Like "MC Shabba & Det" and the late MC Stormin and MC Skibadee.
"The way these guys could hype up the crowd and the music with their intricate rhymes that weaved in and out of the music was insane. They brought a whole new element of raw energy that just made drum n' bass go next level."

Harness the cosmic energy

The unique blend of UK trap/grime/drum n' bass rap together with electronic/rave/techno elements is a characteristic we strongly associate with Christafar-i's music. Listening to the debut single "Higher Power" we get a great introduction to his sonic world of dirty beats, airy/anthemic synths and cosmically inspired lyrics.
"I love the whole creative process! It’s so much fun to see my creations finally come to life. From just sitting channeling cosmic messages to now finally be working in a studio creating cosmic music feels so right!"

About the debut

Christafar-i debuted with the single "Higher Power" in spring 2023 through the Swedish indie label Killander Music Records. Mixed in Dolby Atmos at KMR Studios (Uppsala, SE). And with a lot more music on the way you can't help but to feel excited about the start of his musical journey as an artist.

Released via KMR Studios