Coveromslag - Find me 2019

Filip Killander

Find Me (feat. Jennifer Sällström & Timmy Lindgren)

Release Date: September 6, 2019


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We actually recorded this song during the spring, but it’s being released in the fall of 2019. It’s a much calmer song than Carry, featuring a guitar solo by Timmy Lindgren and a beautifully sung second verse by Jennifer Sällström!

Artist: Filip Killander
Songwriter: Filip Killander
Producer: Filip Killander
Mixing: Filip Killander
Mastering: Filip Killander
Release Date: 2019-09-06
Publisher: KMR Studios
Filip Killander
Jennifer Sällström: Vocals
Timmy Lindgren: Guitar Solo

Filip Killander made his debut as a solo artist in late summer 2019 and has since released a series of singles and been part of several exciting collaborations.

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