Mack Gibson
Trots allt

Release Date: October 14, 2022


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Mack Gibson is releasing his new single “Trots allt” on all streaming platforms on October 14, 2022!

Mack shares that the song started its journey one evening at his apartment. He had written some lyrics that he wasn’t entirely satisfied with, so the material was taken to the studio, where it was completed together with KMR’s producer Filip Killander. The song has a country vibe and was inspired by Chris Stapleton’s song “Cold.” Mack explains, “In the lyrics, I describe how I see a person very close to me feeling. I notice how she is trying everything to meet him, but no matter what she does, he doesn’t want that.”

The song’s slower tempo and darker sound create a perfect atmosphere for the lyrics, and we are really looking forward to sharing and listening to this fantastic song that we can only expect from our Mack Gibson!

KMR grandient bakgrund

“Nothing you could have done better, I am incredibly satisfied with the result!”

– Mack Gibson

Artist: Mack Gibson
Lyrics & Music: Mikael Strömqvist, Filip Killander
Producer: Filip Killander
Recording Engineer: Filip Killander
Mixing & Mastering: Filip Killander 
Artwork & Canvas: Filip Killander
Recording Studio: KMR Studios
Mixing and Mastering Studio: KMR Studios
Recording Year: 2022
Release Date: 2022
Editor: Rasmus Bilow
Publisher: KMR Studios
Mikael Strömqvist: Vocals, Bass, Acoustic Guitar
Filip Killander: Sound Producing, Drums, Piano, Backing Vocals, Melodica
Mack Gibson - Profilbild 2022

Behind the artist name Mack Gibson, we find Mikael Strömqvist. A pop and country musician from Uppsala who writes music with a sound and voice drawn from the best of both the country and pop worlds.

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