Max Malcon Releases the Single “Late Night”

On February 22, 2023, songwriter, producer, and artist Max Malcon debuts with the single “Late Night.” The song started with the thought, “…wouldn’t it be cool to start a song with a slide guitar?” and then exploded in just one day to become what it is today.

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A Meeting Point of Genres

The song is a meeting point of several genres, where Max’s friendly and playful vocals guide us through the cleverly crafted and well-produced arrangement. 808s, indie guitars, and a funky bass create a delightful groove that you want to listen to over and over again. The lyrics are thoughtful and carry a clear message that Max wants the listener to explore and discover.

Max is responsible for songwriting, arrangement, and production of all the instruments. After that was done, he sought the assistance of KMR Studios in Uppsala, who also released the single. Rasmus Bilow handled vocal production and mixing, while Filip Killander took care of mastering and the graphic design for the release.

Max on Working with KMR

“First and foremost, the quick feedback. Everything about the project has been clear and straightforward, you have listened to my opinions and made the changes I wanted to make. I have felt comfortable asking any questions without feeling foolish and have received fast and clear answers. And all the studio time with Rasmus has been a great mix of having fun, learning, and being productive.”


Music Production

Artist: Max Malcon
Lyrics & Music: Max Malcon
Engineers: Filip Killander, Rasmus Bilow 
Studio: KMR Studios
Learn more about the studio: Read more

Featured Musicians

Max Malcon: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Bass
Rasmus Bilow: Sound Producer

Executive Production

Graphic Design: Filip Killander – Read more
Recording Engineer: Rasmus Bilow
Release Date: 2023-02-22
Editor: Filip Killander
Record Label: KMR Studios
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