Mack Gibson Releases Debut Album

After 2 years in the studio, the highly anticipated debut album “Mina första rader” is finally released. All of Mack Gibson’s songs are remixed for both Dolby Atmos and stereo.

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Eleven Singles and an Album

2021 was the year when Mack Gibson decided to record his own songs and turned to KMR Studios in Uppsala. Since then, a steady stream of singles has brightened our lives. On July 9, 2021, the young songwriter made his debut with “Nere på stan” (Downtown). A heartfelt single about love and uncertainty. Since then, 10 more singles have been released.

Mina första rader includes all 11 singles that Mack has released since 2021, newly mixed in Dolby Atmos and also in stereo. It’s an ambitious project, to say the least.

Retromodern Country Pop

It’s difficult to pigeonhole Mack Gibson into one genre. But over the years, the common thread has become increasingly clear. The retro-modern sound draws inspiration from both country and pop, from both the 70s and the 20s. Acoustic instruments blend with synths, an Elvis-inspired lead vocals are accompanied by a massive background choir with distinct pop influences. The sound is undeniably something new, yet also familiar. There’s humor and there’s darkness.

It’s the duality that makes Mack’s music so exciting and interesting to listen to. We get to know the person behind the music while being taken on an exhilarating musical journey.

The fact that the music is now available in the futuristic Dolby Atmos audio format is a gift that we as listeners are more than grateful for. Already in the intro of the album’s first track (“Stanna hos mig” – “Stay with Me”), we are spoiled by the 12-string guitars that surround us in a way that wouldn’t have been possible in stereo. When the entire choir comes in towards the end of the same song, you almost fall off your chair at how grand the production feels.
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Filip Killander on the Project as a Whole

“When Mikael walked through the door of our previous studio Svartbäcken (2021), I had no idea of the colossal project that lay ahead. I don’t think he knew either, but there was undoubtedly something in the air from the start. Already during the production of his debut single ‘Nere på stan,’ it was clear that we clicked both musically and personally – we had a blast in the studio, plain and simple.

Almost two years later, both Mikael and I have developed and grown tremendously. We have experienced ups and downs in both our professional and personal lives. There was something beautiful about continuing to meet in the studio month after month and working on what eventually became ‘Mina första rader’ (My First Lines).

When KMR became a certified Dolby Atmos studio, Mikael was one of the first people I asked if he was interested in exploring Dolby Atmos for the album. I asked him if he was interested in remixing all the songs in Atmos alongside the release. The idea of expanding his fantastic songs into a whole room instead of stereo was exhilarating, to say the least. He felt the same way and didn’t even need to think about it; he said, ‘Of course, we should do it!’

I’m very proud of the result and admit without shame that I’ve been listening to the album on repeat since it was released. It’s just so damn good.”


Music Production

Artist: Mack Gibson
Lyrics & Music: Mack Gibson
Engineer: Filip Killander – Production, Mix, & Mastering
Dolby Atmos Mix: Filip Killander – Read more
Studio: KMR Studios 

Featured Musicians

Mack Gibson: Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Bass, Background Vocals
Filip Killander: Sound Producer, Drums, Background Vocals, Programming, Piano, Percussion, Mandolin, Melodica, Guitar, Ukulele

Executive Production

Graphic Design: Filip Killander – Read more
Recording Engineer: Filip Killander
Release Date: 2023-02-24
Editor: Rasmus Bilow
Record Label: KMR Studios
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