Thoughts and message of the song

The artist and rapper Mujinga releases the song “Va dig själv”! A powerful musical piece that not only makes the listener reflect on the relevant message but also groove to the catchy rhythm.

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Thoughts and message of the song

What initially prompted Mujinga to write “Va dig själv” were his thoughts on our contemporary society and the injustices that exist. He argues that “More and more people experience growing concern about being themselves if they have a different orientation, gender, skin color, religion, or culture.”

The artist began writing the song in April 2021, and since then, the lyrics have been changed and refined into the powerful message that we hear today. The lyrics contain both personal and poignant words and sentences that make one reflect on how we treat each other. At the same time, it inspires one to, as the title expresses, be oneself without fear of what others think or say. This is also what the artist himself wants with the song, namely to inspire and promote a positive feeling about being different.

Musical elements of “Va dig själv”

“Va dig själv” is a classic hip-hop work skillfully executed in both rap and song. The song also features a church choir that adds a special and uplifting touch to the feel of the music. The artist has found a suitable rap style for the song and, once he found it, felt ready to finally record the song.

Mujinga describes the process of creating and producing “Va dig själv” as “incredibly fun, rewarding, and educational.” He also says that reaching the goal felt almost unreal after so many months, and he is more than satisfied with the end result.

All the different parts of the song were especially appreciated by Mujinga in the process, including the recording of the vocals, his own rap, and even the choir recorded in a church. He also appreciates all the extra sounds that Filip at KMR has worked on, which he believes elevated the song in a creative way.

Mujinga is now looking forward to hearing people’s reactions to the song and is excited to finally hear what the audience thinks of it. Above all, he looks forward to performing on stage with “Va dig själv” and spreading inspiration and musical joy.


Artist: Mujinga
Text: Mujinga                                                                                                                                                              Music: Mujinga, Yahor Sharenda                                                                                                                                      Song: Yasmine Gzaiel                                                                                                                                  Background Vocals: Filip Killander                                                                                                                                  Choir: Bella Donna

Inspelning: Filip Killander                                                                                                                                               Mixing: Filip Killander                                                                                                                                                        Mastering: Filip Killander   

Recording: KMR Studios                                                                                                                                          Mixing: KMR Studios
Mastering: KMR Studios
Year of recording: 2023

Dolby Atmos
Technician: Filip Killander

Studio: KMR Studios
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Executive Production
Graphic Design: Erik Almqvist
Editor: Erik Almqvist
Release: KMR Studios, 2024 01 12

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