In Mujinga's music, it is clearly evident the engagement and joy that is present in his way of writing and singing.

A singing life

As a child, Mujinga loved sitting and writing stories, and it was through this that he also developed an interest in writing poems, which in turn became the start of his songwriting. Before the artist could hold a pen, he instead had headphones and a pretend microphone with which he sang. Singing as a child was, in other words, something very exciting for Mujinga and has stayed with him until today.

Listening to Mujinga's songs, the artist himself believes, should evoke a sense of hope and motivation, something he strives to convey with his music. The artist also likes to draw inspiration from real-life experiences, both positive and negative events that he and others have gone through or are going through.

The creative process, from the journey of writing to recording in the studio, feels very rewarding and satisfying for Mujinga. The journey provides him with both knowledge and development in his creative work.

Mujinga's Stage Art

A special and meaningful memory was when Mujinga stood on stage rapping at a pride festival in Finspång alongside clowns. He did this in front of a loving audience that also included people from hateful organizations. Mujinga says, "That my song stood out both high and low was a strange and interesting feeling. Above all, I felt that it was important and necessary that I rapped my song."

Playing live is one of the most enjoyable things the artist knows, and a dream is to tour different cities around the country and perform his songs to an audience that appreciates what he does as a musician. Also, having his music played on the radio and creating music videos, it is easy to say that Mujinga gladly devotes himself to music fully!

Releaser via KMR Studios