Rian Alvianto Releases “No Worries”

Artist and songwriter Rian Alvianto releases his second single “No Worries.” This pop song with R&B influences is a poignant love ballad intended to evoke feelings and tender moments in listeners. Through arrangement, melody, and the power of vocals, Rian hopes to touch hearts and create a close connection to listeners’ own emotions and experiences, while letting them immerse themselves in a world of romance and passion.

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From Humming in the Car to a Finished Song

The song was created when Rian was on his way home from work after a long day. “I was inspired by Boyz II Men after listening to them in the car during the journey home.” When he arrived and the music faded, he sat in the car in silence for a few minutes. “I suddenly started humming a melody that later became the verse in the song ‘No Worries.’ At that point, I actually thought that melody would become the chorus.”

Hoping to Make People Hug Their Loved Ones

“The idea behind the song is to make people want to hug their loved ones after listening to it.” Something KMR really felt when we listened to the final version. Another thing we like about “No Worries” is the guitar riff in the interlude and how it captures and complements the feeling in the lyrics.

When we asked Rian how it felt to record the song, he replied, “Everything went so smoothly with this song. I had no expectations or ideas when I entered the studio. We went with our gut feeling, and it was like all the puzzle pieces just fell into place.”

Looking Forward to Listener’s Response

Now that the song is released, Rian is looking forward to hearing the response. It’s a moment of excitement and anticipation when Rian opens himself up to the world’s opinions and insights, ready to face reactions that the music may generate. It’s a phase that involves letting go of one’s work and allowing it to be explored and judged by others, which is a part of the creative journey and Rian’s quest to reach people on a deeper level and evolve.


Music Production

Artist: Rian Alvianto
Text & Music: Rian Alvianto
Technician: Filip Killander – Production, Mix & Mastering
Dolby Atmos Mix: Filip Killander – Learn more
Studio: KMR Studios – Recording, Mix & Mastering

Featured Musicians

Rian Alvianto: Vocals
Filip Killander: Sound producer, programming

Executive Production

Graphic Design: Filip Killander – Learn more
Recording Year: 2023
Release Date: 2023-09-15
Editor: Ella Frick
Record Label: KMR Studios
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