Rian Alvianto

"The first time I stood on stage, I felt naked and nervous, but at the same time, secure and confident. Once the performance began, I never wanted it to end."

Discovering songwriting at a young age

Songwriter and artist Rian Alvianto's musical journey started in elementary school when he lost a bet with his friends and had to write a song for a girl in his class that he and many others had a crush on. He discovered how songwriting forced him to have a deep conversation with himself, opening up a new world where he could express his emotions and thoughts in a way he hadn't done before. The response he received made him understand the impact music can have and how it can be used to reach other people.

Finding inspiration in everything

Rian's approach to songwriting is about finding the universal in the personal. In his pop music, he has always found inspiration from the most unexpected sources and rarely used his own life story as the basis for his songs. "I have never written a song based on my own life experiences. I can draw inspiration from a movie I've seen or a conversation I happened to overhear. Inspiration can be found in everything except my life story."

For Rian Alvianto, the production process is where he can see his ideas and visions take shape. He describes it as seeing something come to life bit by bit, where each layer and element added helps create the final product, something he finds both exciting and enjoyable.

Music as an escape from everyday life

Rian wants his music to serve as a form of escape from everyday life for his listeners. "I want them to feel inspired when they listen to my music and for it to help them find a sanctuary amidst everything that's going on around them."

Released via KMR Studios