ROSSO AMARILLO Releases New Single

Melancholic hip-hop in the classic ROSSO style, with a unique musical landscape and lyrics that warm and twist in the stomach.

Listen to the release here

Subtle Layers

The single is a melancholic hip-hop song in the classic ROSSO style, featuring a unique musical landscape and lyrics that evoke both warmth and unease in the stomach. It’s easy to relate to the difficulty of balancing order and adventure in life. The lyrics are a fantastic showcase of ROSSO’s ability to share deeply personal experiences in an accessible and inviting manner. The production is dark and aggressive yet filled with intriguing details that make you want to listen again and explore the subtle layers.

Chaos and Balance

ROSSO AMARILLO describes the single “Har vi två blivit vänner” (Have we two become friends):

“This song started as a mixing project. A song to have something to mix, simply. Parts of the song are about being my own worst enemy. Or at least a part of myself. With age, I have tried to get rid of my weaknesses and focus on my strengths. But the consequence has been that the part of me that created some chaos and gave me a lot of anxiety also brought the fun, spontaneous, and what other people liked. I have become more balanced but at the same time a rather boring person with strict routines to feel good. Although I’m glad that the part of myself that created chaos is gone, I can sometimes miss him. But he is not welcome back!”

ROSSO on the Creative Process

“This song is a classic ROSSO song. Melancholic, rather slow, with lyrics that in one way or another deal with self-awareness. I was inspired by RZA’s latest project with Bobby Digital, and after listening to that album, I wrote the lyrics. The most fun part was experimenting with the strength of the rap and trying out different types of adlibs.
And what do I think about working with KMR? Fantastic. I love KMR. If I had the opportunity to live with you, I would do it 24/7.
As long as my songs are not released, I can’t stop thinking about them. So what I’m looking forward to the most is leaving it behind and setting it free!”

KMR on Working with ROSSO AMARILLO

Filip Killander on the project:

“I’ve been working with ROSSO since the PROLOG EP and I’m a big fan of both the music, the lyrics, and especially the artist. When we met for the first time, it was in KMR’s previous studio in Svartbäcken. I mastered ‘Har vi två blivit vänner’ in Studio A in our new facilities in Uppsala City. It was obvious to me that not only had KMR developed a lot during 2022 – this time, ROSSO has truly outdone himself. I love the lyrics he wrote, and the production fits so well that it’s hard to know where one begins and the other ends.”

Lyrics & Music: ROSSO AMARILLO
Production & Mix: ROSSO AMARILLO
Mastering: Filip Killander, KMR Studios
Artwork: Rasmus Bilow & ROSSO AMARILLO
Motion Material: Filip Killander 
Recording Year: 2023
Release Date: 2023-03-31
Record Label: KMR Studios


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