Tommy Hammarsten releases Hubertus

On September 6, 2023, Tommy Hammarsten releases the single “Hubertus,” which is a tribute to the king’s 50 years on the throne. An inspiring instrumental piece created from a dream. The song is mastered and released by Killander Music Records. 

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A Source of Creativity

Music has always been a source of creativity and dreamy musical inspiration for Tommy Hammarsten. Now, one of our own shares a unique musical journey. In our interview with Tommy Hammarsten, he shares insights into his latest project “Hubertus” – which started as a dream but ended up as something tangible – and it exceeded all expectations.

“In the dream, I heard a sequence of notes that immediately captured my attention,” Tommy Hammarsten says. “It was as if the music was just waiting to be discovered and expressed. So when I woke up, I knew I had to develop it further.”
The result of this inspiration is an extended guitar composition enhanced and underscored by an impressive and unique symphonic backdrop. Tommy Hammarsten describes the recording as complex due to the various symphonic instruments added. “It was definitely a challenge to make all the parts fit together, but when the song was finally finished, I felt a tremendous sense of relief and pride,” says Tommy Hammarsten.

King’s March

A particularly noteworthy aspect of the song is its similarity to the King’s March in both rhythm and tone. Tommy Hammarsten shares his favorite part of the song, where overlaid trumpets in an interlude ultimately lead to three-part harmony. Through this musical project, Tommy Hammarsten hopes to reach as many people as possible while sharing the creative process behind this fantastic piece of music.
Tommy Hammarsten is a gifted artist with a passion for music and creative expression. He has an impressive portfolio of musical works and continues to explore new musical horizons. We are delighted to release his music and look forward to future projects, including “Night Lights in Stockholm,” which, like “Hubertus,” will also be released through Killander Music Records.


Artist: Tommy Hammarsten
Lyrics & Music: Tommy Hammarsten

Christopher Göthberg: Production and Mixing
Filip Killander: Mastering

Sonika Studio – Production, Mixing
KMR Studios – Mastering
Tommy Hammarsten: Vocals, Guitar
Graphic Design: Filip Killander
Recording Year: 2023
Release Date: September 4, 2023
Editor: Sebastian Christiansson
Record Label: KMR Studios
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