Tommy Hammarsten

"Tommy Hammarsten is a Swedish artist and songwriter with a passion for country rock and instrumental electrified guitar music. His musical journey began with a simple song about his then-girlfriend, which was the starting point for a long and creative journey through the world of music."

Musical Inspirations

Tommy's musical interest was awakened as a child when he heard Post-Gustav playing accordion in the kitchen. It was a moment that would shape his future and give him a love for melodies and harmonies. Since then, music has been a constant companion in Tommy's life.

Inspired by the music from the late 60s, Tommy has developed his unique sound, characterized by warm country rock tones and powerful electrified guitar music. It is in the subtle melodic loops that Tommy finds his creative spark, and these small melodic fragments can then blossom into fully-fledged songs both in and outside the studio.

The Creative Journey

Tommy's main desire is to reach as many people as possible with his music. He aims to touch the hearts and souls of listeners with his genuine melodies and lyrics. By sharing his own experiences and emotions, Tommy creates a strong and authentic connection with his audience.

One of the most memorable moments in Tommy's career was when he had the opportunity to see Cliff Rickard and the Shadows perform live in Stockholm. It was an experience that further solidified his love for music and gave him new energy to continue his own musical journey.

New Creative Horizons

Tommy Hammarsten continues to explore and expand his musical expression, always ready to explore new paths and be inspired by life's shifting nuances. Through his songs and performances, he takes listeners on a journey through the timeless world of melody!

Released via KMR Studios

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