Tommy Hammarsten releases “I Saw Cassiopeia”

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Living in the moment

About a month ago, in the quiet atmosphere of his apartment, the idea for a song was born that would soon become a new single. After a night filled with dreams, the artist was inspired to create music that reflects the emotions and images that the dream evoked.
The result was a ballad that radiates relaxation and calm, a much-needed break in an often hectic world. “Writing the lyrics was like translating the dream into reality,” says Tommy Hammarsten. “I immediately felt that this was something special, something that not just I but others could appreciate as well.” With a desire to share this feeling, the artist decided to record and release the music.
The production process was both interesting and challenging, but also incredibly rewarding. “It was a liberating feeling to finish recording, mixing, and mastering the project,” he reflects. “A sense of joy set in when the song was ready to be released.”
T. Hammarsten Omslag 2024

Shared Happiness

Tommy talks about his satisfaction with how clear the vocals are, and that the solo guitar—a highlight of the creation process—contributes to the song’s unique character. “It was extra fun to play the solo guitar,” shares the artist. “I hope that the joy I felt during the creation of the song will be conveyed to the listeners.” With a wish to reach as many listeners as possible, he looks forward to seeing how the song will be received by the audience.


Artist: Tommy Hammarsten
Text & Music: Tommy Hammarsten

Mixing: Cristopher Göthberg
Mastering: Filip Killander

Recording: Sonika Studio
Mixing: Sonika Studio
Mastering: KMR Studios
Recording Year: 2024

Tommy Hammarsten: Guitar and vocals

Christopher Göthberg: Drums and sound effects Andreas Sahlin: Bass

Executive Production
Graphic Design: Filip Killander
Editor: Filip Killander
Release: KMR Studios, 2024 06 19