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Studio A is Uppsala’s first Dolby Atmos studio. It is one of a few in Sweden – as well as one of a few studios worldwide – with an Atmos room where it is also possible to produce in Dolby Atmos. Here, you can feel confident that what you hear is the accurate representation of your project. The microphones, instruments, and equipment are carefully chosen to provide your project with the conditions to meet the high demands placed on music today. In this room, you work with music producer Filip Killander, who, since starting KMR in 2019, has mastered over 300 songs, produced over 200 songs, and mixed over 220 songs, all available on platforms such as Spotify.

KMR Studios - Apple Digital master

What does Studio A offer?

Book music studio
Work with producer Filip Killander when recording vocals and instruments. Get help playing instruments, arranging projects and much more.

Music project
We believe in long relationships without the need of complicated contracts. We offer help with all parts of the creative process, from songwriting and recording to distribution and promotion.

Music production
You decide what to produce and then we help you all the way. We can record with you on site in the studio, remotely or at your place.

What's included when booking Studio A?

MacBook Pro 16 M2 Max, 12-core CPU, 38-Core GPU, 96GB RAM, 8TB SSD

Studio monitors
– LCR: 3st Genelec 8341A SAM™ (The Ones) 
– Rears: 2st Genelec 8040B
– Tops: 4st Genelec 8030C
– Sub: 1st Genelec 7370A SAM™ (Subwoofer)
Setup and calibration is certified by Dolby.

– 4st Audio Technica ATH-M50x
– PreSonus HD60 headphone preamps

Audio interface/Preamp
– MTRX Studio
– Grace Audio m108
– Focusrite OctoPre
– DAD MOM monitor

– 1st Neumann U87 Ai
– 1st Neumann TLM 103
– 2st Neumann KM 184
– 2st sE Electronics X1R
– 2st Universal Audio SP-1
– 1st SM7b
– 1st Shure Beta 52A
– 4st Shure SM57

– Acoustic piano (Malmsjö from year 1888)
– Acoustic drum kit (Diablo)
– Acoustic guitars (Taylor ce114, Cordoba Mini)
– Electric guitars (Squier Stratocaster, Cort Zenox)
– Electric bass (Ibanez TMB100)
– Ukulele (Sopran, Tenor and Bass)
– Mandolin
– Banjo
– Harmonica 
– Melodica  
– A wide selection of percussions

In the studio we mirror the computers display to a TV-screen, so you will always be able to follow what is happing. 

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Listen to our acoustic piano

We had the privellige to record the artist, composer and musician Shabwam. His whole debut EP was recorded on our Malmsjö piano (made in Gothenburg, 1888).

Listen to our acoustic drums

Listen to these three audio files that are from three different projects. All played on our drum set in Studio A. We tune and maintain the whole set regularly with help from our friend Johan Lundsten.

The engineer: Filip Killander

If you book time in Studio A or services in mixing, mastering, post-production, Dolby Atmos, or larger music projects, you will be working with Filip Killander. With extensive experience working closely with artists and bands, he not only possesses expertise but also has the ability to create a safe and inspiring working atmosphere in the studio.

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