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The most common question we receive is “how do I release my music on Spotify?”. So, we decided to put together a short guide covering the essential steps from idea to a finished song on Spotify. You have never been closer to releasing your first single!

We can assist you through all the steps in the creative process. Click on any of these steps to learn more about how we can help you with that specific aspect:

(1) Songwriting: Write lyrics and music
(2) Production: Record music and vocals
(3) Mixing: Mix what you’ve recorded
(4) Mastering: Prepare the project for streaming
(5) Distribution: Ensure your song is uploaded to platforms like Spotify
(6) Promotion: Market your single so more people discover and listen to your song

Already have finished music?

If you feel you don’t need assistance from a record label to release your music and already have finished music you want to upload directly, you can learn more about how to release your music using DistroKid. Otherwise, you can read more about each step below.

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1. Songwriting

The first step is to write the song! There are countless ways to write a song, and none of them is more right than another. What works for you is good! However, if songwriting is something you want to develop, it might be a wise idea to try different ways than what you’re used to. This ensures that your ideas stay fresh, as well as you growing as a songwriter!

If you have questions about songwriting, want feedback on your lyrics, or need help writing a song, feel free to contact us. You can also read our tips on how to develop your songwriting or get tips on how to write song lyrics.

2. Production

Some write their lyrics first and music later, some do the opposite, and some do both simultaneously. Regardless, production starts sooner or later. Production includes creating a sound or putting together a beat, to recording vocals and instruments. Producing is about creating!

There are no right or wrong ways when it comes to creating music – if it sounds good to you, it’s good. However, there are tips and tricks that can help. If you’re interested in taking a course in music production, need help producing a beat, or have other questions, feel free to contact us!

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3. Mixing

Step three begins once you have finished producing/creating. You have recorded the vocals and instruments you want in your song that you have written and are now going to start mixing. So, you’ll mix/blend the recordings you’ve produced to make it sound like one single song. This is done using effects like reverb, echo/delay, saturation, and tools like EQ or compressor!

Do you need help mixing your vocals over a beat you’ve purchased, or perhaps you’re interested in getting training in mixing? Learn more about mixing

4. Mastering

First, we wrote the song, then we created the sounds we wanted, then we mixed them together into a song, and now it’s time to master the song. The purpose of mastering is to ensure it sounds great everywhere – on your phone, in the car, and on your office speakers. It’s the fourth and final step before your project is ready for streaming!
Mastering is mainly done with a compressor, EQ, and limiter. The focus is on details, and the most common difference an untrained ear hears is that the volume has become higher or more balanced. Mastering is also about exporting the project to the right format so that streaming services can receive the file.

Do you want us to master your mix? Contact us or learn more on our website.

5. Distribution

Alright. Your song is ready to be streamed. But how do you get it on platforms like Spotify? This is done with the help of a distributor. It doesn’t have to cost money if you use, for example, Amuse. However, you won’t get the same benefits as with, for example, DistroKid (which is the distributor we recommend and use). What you need is an mastered audio file in the right format (WAV, 24-bit, 44.1 kHz), a cover image, and overall information about the song. But it varies a bit depending on where you upload it.
If you’re signed with Killander Music Records, you’ll get help with distribution, but you can also order it as a one-time service. In addition, you should also register the song with organizations like STIM, SAMI, and IFPI. Feel free to contact us for more information!

6. Promotion

Step six is about getting as many people as possible to listen to what you’ve created! It could involve making sure websites like Genius have the lyrics to your song, submitting the song to Spotify curators so you have a chance to be added to their playlists, or reaching out to music blogs and local newspapers. You should also create posts and release teasers on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. These can be “regular” posts and paid/promoted posts. We also recommend that you become verified as an artist on Spotify.
There should always be a plan for how the marketing will proceed, so there’s a clear thought about what you’re doing and why. We usually divide it into three parts: (1) Prelude, (2) Release, and (3) Aftermarket. If you need help with this or want to know more, feel free to contact us! You can also read our Spotify marketing tips.

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To summarize the steps one last time:
(1) Songwriting: Write lyrics and music
(2) Production: Record music and vocals
(3) Mixing: Mix what you’ve recorded
(4) Mastering: Prepare the project for streaming
(5) Distribution: Ensure your song is uploaded to platforms like Spotify
(6) Promotion: Market your single so more people discover and listen to your song

We can assist you in all steps to start or develop your music career.

Good luck with releasing your single!

We hope this article was helpful for those who want to release their first single. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us!

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