Do you want your music to have greater exposure to a larger audience? Do you dream of your music going viral on TikTok? Influencers hold a significant amount of power in determining what goes viral, but getting their attention can be challenging, especially with influencers boasting large followings. In this article, we guide you through the process of reaching out to influencers via SubmitHub. If you want to learn more about how to use the platform, we’ve also published an article with 5 tips on how to get started with SubmitHub.


Reach out to influencers with SubmitHub – a step-by-step guide

SubmitHub has a feature that allows you to send your music directly to influencers. While this does requires purchasing “credits” through SubmitHub’s website, doing this can be very effective and beneficial considering the relatively low cost of credits. To make the most of this feature, we recommend following these four steps. 


1. Carefully select the music you want to submit

This first step may seem obvious, but we encourage you as an artist to really think about this. We simply want to urge you to actively consider which of your songs is best suited for sharing and/or interactions on social media.

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Different music genres attract different types and amounts of traffic. For example, rap and pop generally gain more attention than classical music and jazz. While it’s possible to find a niche in a less noticed genre, it’s generally more challenging. It’s wise to prioritize songs that fit into more popular genres unless you have a very clearly defined niche!

2. Create a concept

Once you’ve chosen a song that you believe could encourage interaction, the next step is to create a concept. Now, think about how TikToks or Instagram Reel videos featuring your song could look. In this context, a concept means a way your song is intended to be interacted with visually. This can involve many different things. Some examples include lip-syncing to a certain part of the song, wearing specific clothes, being in a particular environment, or dancing/moving in a specific way. A tip here is to keep it as simple as possible for those interacting. An overly complicated dance routine, for example, might discourage influencers from recording videos with your music. It’s also smart to come up with something repeatable with variation. A concept that is both simple and allows for some creative interpretation is what you should aim for!

3. Carefully choose who to send your music to

Step 3 is largely linked to step 1 in that both involve your understanding of how your music may be received. Just as it’s important to choose the right song for submission to influencers, it’s equally important to select the right influencers to send the song to. 

Once your song is uploaded and ready, you get to choose which influencers to send your song to. The choice largely depends on your budget. If you have a small budget, we recommend focusing on so-called “mid-tier” influencers. These are influencers, with a medium-sized following, that cost approximately 5-50 credits to submit a song to. As your budget grows, you should focus on larger and even smaller influencers. 

Influencer Profile

It’s also crucial to consider the profile of the influencer you’re sending your song to. Do you think this person would like your music? Sometimes, influencers may have listed specified genres they are not interested in. If there is overlap between these genres and the ones you have selected for your song, it will appear on the influencer’s profile. In this case, choosing another influencer to send your song to may increase your chances of getting interactions. Another tip is to check how many songs an influencer has shared during the time they’ve been active on SubmitHub. If they have shared a couple of hundred songs in a year as an active member, that’s a pretty good sign of high activity. If, instead, it’s around twenty for the same period of time, it might be better to send your song to someone else who is more active.


4. Interact with the interactions!

Once your music has started reaching influencers and people are interacting with and sharing it, you can move on to the next step: interact with the interactions!

There are several ways you can do this. One example is responding to comments and shares. It may be a good idea to do this in an engaging and genuine way. You could, for example, write something humorous or pleasant in response, along with a thank you for a compliment/share. This not only shows that you actively engage with people’s reactions to your music, but also that you do so with joy! Another tip is to film a reaction video of you reacting to people interacting with your music. This not only reminds followers that you are an active presence on social media, but also that you are growing. As a follower, it can be perceived positively and validating that they chose to follow you!


In conclusion

It can be challenging to know where to start if you want to try to go viral with your music. In this text, we have described how connecting with influencers is one strategy of doing this. Therefore, we hope that this article provides you with a strategy on how to reach out to influencers using SubmitHub!

If you have more questions about music creation, artistry, or marketing, feel free to contact us!