What is Acoustic Vibes?

“Acoustic Vibes” is a concept developed by the record and production company KMR Studios with the aim of highlighting and celebrating local songwriters and artists. During the events, emerging artists will perform songs they have written themselves in a stripped-down and relaxed fashion. Each event showcases new artists from KMR Studios across different genres, but always with the same laid-back acoustic vibe.

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The Best of Acoustic Vibes

Discover Music

Each event showcases new, local, and talented artists and songwriters from KMR Studios. It’s an excellent opportunity to discover new music and build new relationships.

Experience the Atmosphere

In the cozy premises of Botanika in Uppsala City, creating a cozy, inclusive, and delightful atmosphere is not a challenge. Along with the pleasant interior, we have put together suitable music that plays between the artists’ performances.

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Expand Your Network

Talented artists and a great atmosphere attract people who love music. Acoustic Vibes is a perfect place to meet professionals in the music industry and enjoy music at the same time.

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Meet the Organizer

We at KMR Studios are, of course, present to ensure that it sounds, looks, and feels great. We also make sure that photos and videos are taken to immortalize each event.