Music Competitions and Talent Hunts in Sweden and the Nordics

As a newly established artist in Sweden and the Nordics, there are several music competitions and competition-like events you can consider applying to. Here are some popular music competitions you should be aware of:

1. Melodifestivalen (Sweden)

One of Sweden’s largest music competitions where the winning artist represents Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest. The competition usually takes place in February/March each year. Learn more

2. P4 Nästa (Sweden)

A competition organized by Swedish Radio P4 to discover and promote new Swedish artists. The winner gets the opportunity to perform at major events and have their music played on the radio. Applications usually open during spring, and the final takes place later in the year. Learn more

3. Idol (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark)

A popular singing competition where young artists compete to become the next big star. The program is broadcasted in several Nordic countries and has helped many artists gain breakthroughs. Auditions and searches usually take place during spring, and the competition itself is broadcasted later in the year.

4. The Voice (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark)

A singing competition based on the concept of judging voice and singing ability rather than appearance. The winner often gets the chance for a record deal and attention. Auditions and live shows usually take place during autumn.


Competitions and Talent Hunts

In addition to these competitions, it may also be worth exploring smaller local competitions, talent hunts, music festivals, and industry events in your region. These can offer opportunities for exposure, collaborations, and networking within the local music scene.

1. Livekarusellen

A national competition for live acts in all genres. Winners get the chance to perform at various music venues around Sweden. Applications usually open during spring, and the final takes place later in the year. Learn more


A project by Studiefrämjandet aimed at highlighting new talents in Swedish music. NEMIS provides opportunities for performances at festivals and events. Applications and selection usually take place during spring and summer, and performances happen throughout the year. Learn more

3. Live at Heart

A music festival and conference that offers opportunities for emerging artists to showcase their music to industry professionals and the audience. The festival usually takes place in September each year. Learn more

4. Imagine Sweden

A music competition for young talents where finalists from different regions compete to become Sweden’s representatives at the Imagine International Music Festival. Applications usually open during spring, and the competition takes place later in the year. Learn more

5. Popkollo

A music camp for young girls and transgender youth interested in playing and creating music. Popkollo also organizes concerts and festivals where participants get the opportunity to perform. Applications usually open during spring, and events take place during summer. Learn more

6. Uppsala Reggae Festival Talent Stage

A talent competition in the reggae genre where young artists are given the chance to perform at the Uppsala Reggae Festival. The competition usually takes place during summer. Learn more




Remember that competitions are not the only path to success as an artist. It’s also important to build a strong presence on social media, perform live, network within the industry, and continue to create and release music regularly.

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