Invitro debuts with “In His Dirt”

On June 9th, 2023, the band Invitro is releasing their single “In His Dirt,” which will be their first release with KMR Studios. This song will be one of nine songs on their upcoming album.

Listen to the song!

Creating the Track

“‘In His Dirt’ was one of the first songs for the band, and it all started around 10 years ago. We had five members, which led us to experiment with lots of sounds, including organs, synths, and several guitars! This became the inspiration for the sound of ‘In His Dirt.'”

The melody, riffs, and instrumentation of the song were the first things in place, and with that, they could write the lyrics as a reflection. Invitro believes that a song’s message needs to be imprinted in reality, and this song is no exception. The lyrics are based on an incident from a school that one of the members attended.

How Does it Feel to Listen to the Track?

The band members of Invitro describe the feeling of the song as, “You get excited while listening to the heavy and raw sound of it. But even though it is heavy, it doesn’t lose the groove, which pulls the song forward and keeps the listener interested.”

They also describe it as a “wall” of bass, heavy guitars, and a dark feeling. Their favorite part is the second verse when the aggressive drums come in. It creates a beautiful contrast with the softer vocals, making that little pause just before the second chorus more striking!

How Does it Feel to Finish the Track?

Invitro is relieved to be done with the project because it’s been a long ride. The recording went smoothly, but before that, it was hard work. Arranging instruments and ideas was challenging, with several demos and ideas. But now, with the finished master, the members are pleased with the result. “We’re happy that the song got the serious recording and final master because that’s what it deserved!”

They continue to say that they are pleased with the completion of the whole project and album and are looking forward to releasing and listening to the song that’s been in their heads for so long.



Music Production

Artist: Invitro
Lyrics & Music: Invitro
Engineering: Invitro – Production, Filip Killander – Mix & Master 
Dolby Atmos Mix: Filip Killander – Read More
Studio: KMR Studios – Mix & Master

Participating Musicians

Invitro: Vocals, Drums, Bass, Guitars, Programming

Executive Production

Graphic Design: Filip Killander – Read more
Year of Recording: 2022/2023
Date of Release: 2023 06 09
Editor: Sebastian Christiansson
Record LabelKMR Studios
About Invitro Listen to the music
KMR Studios - Dolby Atmos

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