Malmsjö Grand Piano in Dolby Atmos

On a rainy and cozy Saturday morning, we packed up our portable recording studio and headed to composer Johan Sundelöf’s residence just outside Uppsala. The mission was to record an instrumental album in a single day. Sixteen songs were to be recorded within five hours. To say the least, it was a challenge. Both for Johan as a pianist and for Filip Killander, who was in charge of the recording.

Each song was recorded in one take, with no editing between takes. This meant that if the last key pressed was wrong, we had to start all over again. The result was fantastic, and the album’s release is not yet public. However, it is expected to be around spring 2024.

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Sustainability and creativity

When recording at a client’s location, our primary focus is to ensure that it feels safe, relaxed, and enjoyable. For us, it’s a workplace, but for our clients, it’s a home. This is, of course, important to remember for so many reasons.

Over the years, KMR’s focus has always been on helping artists and bands creating the best version of their music. This includes both inside and outside studio environments. We want to help artists/bands create music in a way that’s inspiring, sustainable, and fun.

Are you interested in booking a music project? Don’t hesitate to read more on our website or contact us for a free meeting. We’ll be happy to assist you further!

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