Simon Forslund and Ella Frick advance in P4 Nästa

We proudly congratulate our colleagues Ella Frick and Simon Forslund for advancing in P4 Nästa, a prestigious music competition aimed at discovering and promoting new talents from all over Sweden.

Learn more about the competition

Simon Forslund has qualified for the final in P4 Uppland with his song “I resten av våra dagar” (In the Rest of Our Days), while Ella Frick has reached the final in P4 Kronoberg with her song “Take Your Time”. We at KMR wish both artists good luck in their respective finals, where they will compete to become the local winner.

The P4 Uppland final will take place on May 24th at Grand in Uppsala, while the P4 Kronoberg final will take place at Gemla folkpark on May 31st. If they win, they will proceed to the national final.

Read the interview with Ella on Linnéuniversitetes Instagram here

More information about the entries and how to vote

Here you can listen and find more information about each entry

Ella Frick – Take Your Time

To support Ella Frick, you can vote by sending an SMS with “2001” to the number 720 20, or call 099-120 01. 

Simon Forslund – I resten av våra dagar

To support Simon Forslund, you can vote by sending an SMS with “2702” to the number 720 20, or call 099-127 02.

You can vote a maximum of 10 times, and each vote costs 1 SEK.

We hope you vote and we wish our colleagues the best of luck!

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