Christian Bruzelius & The Upsouls
Hot Soul

Release: January 20, 2023


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“Hot Soul” is the name of Christian Bruzelius & The Upsouls’ new EP that contains everything one could wish for. Both the individual songs and the EP as a whole deliver fantastic, dynamic music with stylish arrangements that captivate the listener from the first listen! One of the highlights for Christian was the guitar solo on the title track “Hot Soul” played by Erik Briggsta, something we can truly agree with!  To say the least, it’s an adrenaline-filled experience.

We asked Christian about the finished EP:

“I’m very proud of the songs on the album and feel that each one can stand on its own and tell its own story. Overall, I think they together give a good representation of my music, style, and songwriting.”

Christian explains that some of the songs were intensely developed when inspiration was at its peak, but there are also some older gems on the album. “Nothing To It” is one of those songs that he has wanted to release for a long time but hasn’t done so because it was challenging to find the right arrangement that felt right to him. But finally, it happened, and we are all grateful for it; “Nothing To It” is an amazing experience to listen to – from start to finish. From the intimate recording of Christian’s vocals on a Neumann U87 microphone to the fantastic drums played by Johan Lundsten, there is not a dull moment during the almost 5-minute-long song.

Filip Killander, who has been the recording engineer and producer of the EP, describes the recording process as inspiring, challenging, and joyful:
“Being surrounded by so many musical talents as I have been during this project has been luxurious. I feel spoiled and very grateful to have been a part of the project.”

KMR does a lot, very well. Professional, organized, clear, and pleasant.

– Christian Bruzelius

Artist: Christian Bruzelius & The Upsouls
Lyrics & Music: Christian Bruzelius
Producer & Recording Engineer: Filip Killander
Mixing & Mastering: Filip Killander
Photo and video: Filippa Bertilsson
Artwork & Canvas: Erik Briggsta
Recording, Mixing & Mastering Studio: KMR Studios
Year of Recording: 2022
Release Date: January 20, 2023
Editor: Rasmus Bilow, Filip Killander
Publisher: KMR Studios
Christian Bruzelius: Vocals, acoustic/electric guitar, keyboard, backing vocals, percussion
Camilla Wallander: Backing vocals
Johan Lundsten: Drums, backing vocals
Andreas Forsberg: Bass, backing vocals
Erik Briggsta: Electric guitar, cowbell, backing vocals
Tilda Nattmyr: Piano, keyboards
Filip Killander: Sound producer
Artistbild - Christian Bruzelius

Christian Bruzelius has been writing songs since the age of 14-15 and has explored several of the genres that influence him. In his own music, Christian gladly mixes and switches between styles. With inspiration drawn from soul, reggae, rock, singer-songwriter, and jazz.

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