Are you dreaming of becoming an artist? Would you like to work with music? In this article, we at KMR will provide our best tips to help you navigate the music industry.

Most artists start their journey in the music world without a record label backing them, and in that case, you have to do a lot of the work yourself (or create your own team). So, how do you start? Well, start by doing what all other artists do – but in your own way!

The endless cycle of all artists

Step 1: Create music

The process of songwriting looks different for everyone. Experiment and find your own way of writing. For most pop songs, you need:

If you need help with any part of the music creation process, you can contact us at KMR.

Step 2: Release music

When the song is completely finished, it’s time to bring it to life, it’s time to release it. You can do this yourself through a distributor (we consider DistroKid to be the best, but there are many to choose from). If you need help getting your songs on all music platforms, we at KMR can assist you!

Artist på scen

Great song + great video = more listens

Even if you have a large budget, it’s not a guarantee. To make a song soar, it needs something special, something that appeals to the listener and makes them want to listen or engage with the song. Unfortunately, there’s no magical way to make a song go viral. The best artists can do is increase the likelihood. How do you do that? Well, create the best songs you possibly can. Make songs that you love, and chances are others will love them too. Combine this with creating great videos for TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, and your chances will increase even more.

We recommend striving to connect with as many fans/followers as possible through your social media. The larger your following, the greater the chance of your songs gaining traction.

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The most important thing

In order to become an artist who attracts an audience for many years to come you need to think long-term. A viral song is not what will determine your success. Make great music and promote it through personal, fun, or interesting videos, and you will gradually build a larger fanbase. Whether or not the song goes viral is up to the fans!

Get help from professionals

If you’re interested in receiving private guidance or coaching to get started with your social media, or if you have a song you want to record and release on Spotify, contact us and we’ll assist you.

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