Fritiof & Britt Release the Single “Dansa i skogen”

The duo Fritiof & Britt debuted with the single “Dansa i skogen” in March 2023. The song is inspired by deep forests and the beautiful nature that the couple lives so close to. On the single, we hear the beautiful vocals of Biim Frischenfeldt, recorded by Rasmus Bilow at KMR Studios. Rasmus also produced and mixed the project.

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Time for Debut

There is a deep pulsating bassline that runs through most of the song, making you want to turn up the volume and sing along even on the first listen. It’s easy to imagine a forest rustling by, and it becomes even easier when you see the inviting cover artwork for the single. A work created by Fritiof & Britt’s clear vision, the AI tool DALL-E, and Filip Killander (who also mastered the single).

The Duo on Working with KMR Studios

When we asked the couple what they were most looking forward to about releasing the song, they replied, “It’s fantastic to experience this moment for real. What happiness!” We also asked the couple about their experience working with us at KMR Studios: “The work with KMR Studios has been excellent. The music, especially the vocals, is wonderful. We feel that KMR has elevated our song significantly, and we wouldn’t want to change anything about how the project has gone.”


Music Production

Artist: Fritiof & Britt
Lyrics & Music: Fritiof & Britt, Rasmus Bilow
Technician: Rasmus Bilow – Production & Mixing
Master: Filip Killander – Mastering
Studio: KMR Studios – Recording, Mixing & Mastering

Contributing Musicians

Biim Frischenfeldt: vocals
Rasmus Bilow: Sound Producer, various instruments

Executive Production

Graphic design: Filip Killander – Read more
Recording Engineer: Rasmus Bilow
Release Date: 2023-03-01
Editor: Filip Killander
Record Label: KMR Studios
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KMR Studios - Dolby Atmos

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