"For many people, music is a need to be expressed and this is the case for us. A song is created partly in the studio or in a project, but a major part of the creation is already done in our heads. The finished track is the outcome of this.


Invitro is a band that has been active during the last 10 years and it all began with playing covers together, but pretty fast they realised that creating their own sounds and music was what it all was about. "Even though we've changed members during the years we all meet at a common ground - the love for rock and metal."

Today, the band consists of three persons that creates music from distance but they all have their roots in Sörmland.

Their Music

The sound of Invitro is influences from alternative rock from the 1990s. While listening to their music you can hear metal, progressive rock but also tendencies of folk music due to one of the members having experiences in this genre.

With the dark lyrics together with the softer vocal, does the song pass through as dynamic but still aggressive. The songs is built with strong melodies together with a heavy and raw sound which leads to interesting contrasts.

What is the strongest memory of Music?

Invitro's strongest memory isn't connected to a specific event but is all the nights in the rehearsel space - That is hard to compete with.

"To be surrounded by the sound of music is incredible, the sound of the heavy guitars and hard hitting drums reflecting the walls. Even though it creates a sort of chaotic surrounding, you can't escape the raw and filling sound of rock."


"To show our thoughts in form of recorded material is the most fun of creating music."

With the strong passion for song writing and music making, the goal for Invitro is to just keep writing and releasing new music for their listeners. Their first album will be released the 4 of August 2023, together with KMR Studios.

Released via KMR Studios