Invitro is releasing Parasite

On the 7th of July 2023, Invitro is releasing their second single “Parasite”, prior to the release of the album “In His Dirt”. KMR Studios have had the privilege to master both the song and the album coming up! 

Listen to the Music!

Creating the song

Invitro originally made the song “Parasite” heavier and more hard-hitting, due to the band’s constellation. It all started in the Death Metal genre, but became a bit softer after some time and created a cool contrast with the lyrics, which are about toxic people and how they affect others, just like parasites.

The released version of the song leans more towards the alternative rock genre. The members of Invitro say it’s a “groovy” song with a lot of power during the choruses. Dynamically, it changes a lot with some parts that are only melody and acoustic guitar and others that are maxed out with a wall of instruments.

Recording the song

It has been fun recording this song with all the layers of guitar, the dynamics, and how it evokes various feelings in different parts of the song.”

The members are happy with how the recording process went, and because of this song being part of a project, Invitro is happy and pleased with the result and relieved with the project being done.

Releasing the song

Invitro considers the rhythmic guitar that plays during different parts of the song the best part of the song. It is a cool way to create contrast with the upcoming chorus, which the band hopes that the listeners also like!

Parasite represents the album “In His Dirt” and Invitro very well. We’re happy with the musical width and variety of our music.”

This release of the song has been long-awaited and the members are excited to show the world their creations!


Music Production

Artist: Invitro
Text & Music: Invitro
Engineering: Invitro – Production, Filip Killander – Mix & Master 
Dolby Atmos Mix: Filip Killander – Read More
Studio: KMR Studios – Mix & Master

Participating Musicians

Invitro: Singing, Drums, Bass, Guitars, programming

Executive Production

Graphic Design: Filip Killander – Read more
Year of Recording: 2022/2023
Date of Release: 2023 07 07
Editor: Sebastian Christiansson
Record Label: KMR Studios
More about Invitro Listen to the Music

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