Karlis is releasing “Hallå Hallå”

Karlis’ latest release, the song “Hallå Hallå”, is a catchy track that you just have to crank up on your car stereo. Karlis’ music inspires and spreads positivity, and “Hallå Hallå” is no exception!

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Experience Karlis’ New Single “Hallå Hallå” – An explosion of energy, with an “EPA-dunk” feel to it!

Karlis is releasing a new single – “Hallå Hallå”. This is a song that promises to set every dance floor on fire with its unique “EPA-dunk feel”. This catchy track is full of energy and rhythm that truly captures the listener’s attention from the first note. Karlis describes his music as a great song with a strong beat, which is exactly what you can expect from “Hallå Hallå”. With every beat and every verse, the listener feels a sense of excitement and movement that is hard to resist.

The creation of “Hallå Hallå” has been a journey full of creativity and passion. Karlis has been writing music for a long time and felt it was finally time to share his work with the world. By collaborating with professional and skilled musicians, Karlis has been able to realize his vision and create a song that truly stands out. He describes the process as incredibly fun and exciting, and it is clear that he has put his heart and soul into every aspect of the production. Especially the bridge to the last chorus is a part of the song that Karlis loves, and he looks forward to seeing how the audience receives his new music.

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Karlis – A Music Creator with Passion and Talent

Karlis’ new single “Hallå Hallå” is more than just a song; it is an experience that showcases his talent and love for music creation. After writing music for a long time, Karlis decided it was time to share his creations with the world. Karlis describes how working with professional musicians has been a real highlight for him, and the collective creativity has resulted in a single that truly delivers. For Karlis, every step in the creation process has been a source of joy and inspiration, and it is evident in every note of “Hallå Hallå”.

What really makes “Hallå Hallå” special is the unique mix of energetic “EPA-dunk” and Karlis’ personal touch. He is particularly looking forward to seeing how the song is received and whether it will be played more than his previous singles. With a strong focus on spreading joy and energy through his music, Karlis is ready to take the music scene by storm. The entire creation process, from the first idea to the finished song, has been a journey filled with memorable moments and creative joy. So don’t miss out on listening to “Hallå Hallå” and experiencing the fantastic music that Karlis has to offer!

KMR Comment

“The EPA-dunk genre is truly an exciting phenomenon – diving deeper into this musical world with Karlis has been super exciting.”

– Kasper Randler, music producer at KMR Studios.

Project Members

Artist: Karlis
Lyrics & Music: Andreas Karlberg

Arrangement: Andreas Karlberg and Kasper Randler

Karlis: Vocals and backing vocals
Kasper Randler: Instrument recording, sound producer, programming, backing vocals

Production: Kasper Randler

Mixing (Atmos & Stereo): Filip Killander
Mastering (Atmos & Stereo): Filip Killander

Recording: KMR Studios
Mixing (Atmos & Stereo): KMR Studios
Mastering (Atmos & Stereo): KMR Studios
Recording year: 2024

Executive Production
Photo & Video: Filip Killander
Graphic Design: Filip Killander

Editor: Kasper Randler
Release: KMR Studios (2024 07 05)

Hemsida - Mix och Master - KMR Studios - Studio A

Mixed and Mastered in Dolby Atmos

This production has been mixed and mastered in Dolby Atmos. KMR Studios is one of the few studios in Sweden that's actually certified by Dolby. This means that both the studio room and the technician working on the music meet international high standards.

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