The Actress releases a new single

The new single represents a continuation of her musical journey and a preview of what is to come. “I didn’t know what to do with all my feelings, so once again, I turned to music”.

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Exploration of loss and recovery

The week after Midsummer, a new single will be released from the promising artist The Actress, whose debut song “Made To Burn” has been well-received since its release this spring. The new single, which continues the theme of heartbreak, offers an in-depth exploration of loss and recovery within the Alternative Indie-Pop/Rock genre.
The enthusiasm for the release is evident in The Actress: “I am really looking forward to sharing this song. There are specific elements, like the bass line, which I think give a unique character to the whole song.” The artist also reveals a creative detail: “The guitar solo in the bridge is actually my voice processed to sound like a guitar, which I hope will surprise and delight listeners.” We agree – it sounds really cool.
The Actress omslagsbild I uppsala

Just the beginning

The new single represents a continuation of her musical journey and a preview of what is to come. With plans to also produce a music video in the future, The Actress is eager to showcase her creativity and craftsmanship. The song, like the debut single, is produced, mixed, and mastered in the future sound format Dolby Atmos.

A word from the producer

“Working with Hanna and her fantastic music is always exciting. She is so good at marrying strong melodies with even stronger lyrics. My job is primarily to support her already crystal-clear vision of the song’s feel. Which is really fun and developing for me. Just like Hanna mentioned, the bass line is insanely fat, and her voice-guitar solo is recorded with my iPhone microphone. Sounds awesome!”

– Filip Killander

Project Members

Artist: The Actress
Lyrics & Music: Hanna Stenbeck

Arrangement: Hanna Stenbeck and Filip Killander

Hanna Stenbeck: Vocals and background vocals
Filip Killander: Sound producer, programming, background vocals

Production: Filip Killander

Mixing (Atmos & Stereo): Filip Killander
Mastering (Atmos & Stereo): Filip Killander

Recording: KMR Studios
Mixing (Atmos & Stereo): KMR Studios
Mastering (Atmos & Stereo): KMR Studios
Recording year: 2024

Executive production
Photo & Video: Filip Killander
Graphic Design: Filip Killander

Editor: Filip Killander
Release: KMR Studios (2024 06 28)

Hemsida - Mix och Master - KMR Studios - Studio A

Mixed and Mastered in Dolby Atmos

This production has been mixed and mastered in Dolby Atmos. KMR Studios is one of the few studios in Sweden that's actually certified by Dolby. This means that both the studio room and the technician working on the music meet international high standards.

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