Kaye-Anne releases debut album

The debut album “Odes to Nature, From Sweden With Love” is a collection of personal observations that Kaye-Anne has made throughout her life and is dedicated to her son. The search for both inner and outer balance in life is a common theme in the songs, as well as Kaye-Anne’s inviting vocals and the album’s captivating flamenco/country vibe.

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Storytelling, Harmony, and Bob Dylan

The songs on the album are a collection of memorable and valuable experiences from Kaye-Anne’s search for both external and internal harmony in life. It has also been a way for her to experiment with different genres, styles, and tempos. She describes the album as singer-songwriter in the style of Bob Dylan, infused with influences from the storytelling traditions of the Oriental culture she grew up with.
“I love storytelling both as an audience and as the storyteller. The title ‘From Sweden with love’ reflects my reach out to my family and friends living across all the world continents, very few of whom have ever heard my music work before.”

Many walks later

All the songs were written during walks along the Ekoln river in Uppsala between 2015 and 2022. With the exception of the songs “Memory of Spring,” composed in Malaysia by Ng Lid, and “The Ocean,” composed by Siddhi Johan Sundt. The creation of the album has been a journey spanning several years. The majority of the songs were recorded live with the Swedish progressive rock guitarist Coste Apetrea.
The first song recorded was the song that now concludes the album; “The Autumn Swan.” It came to Kaye-Anne during a Halloween walk in 2015. She had recently had pumpkin soup with a group of friends and felt a harmonious feeling that we can relate to after listening through “Odes to Nature, From Sweden With Love.”
“I am grateful for Filip Killander and Rasmus Bilow from KMR Studios for their professionalism in producing my first album. I am indebted to Coste Apetrea and Siddhi Johan Sundt for sharing their expertise in music composition and for believing in my musical interest. Pär Sandmark (pianist) and Celso Paco (percussionist) were wonderful to work with on ‘Dance in Night Sparkles,’ and they arranged the music spontaneously.”
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