Kaye-Anne is the singer, songwriter, and artist who will be releasing her debut album "Odes To Nature, From Sweden With Love" on May 19th. It is a vibrant album filled with memories of experiences from a rich life.

Atop Mount Kinabalu

One of Kaye-Anne's most powerful musical memories is the ascent to the top of Mount Kinabalu in Sabah, East Malaysia. Her guide's spontaneous folk song mesmerized her and lifted her spirit like a soft magic cloud, bringing her to the mountain peak just in time to witness another breathtaking sunrise.

The Pursuit of Happiness

Kaye-Anne's earliest memory of music stems from the Asian modern music her older sisters played in the 60s. These songs, sung in Mandarin, Hokkienese, or Tamil, told stories about nature, weather, and the quest for happiness, often cloaked in metaphorical language and subtle messages.

Ten Sisters, Three Brothers, and an Abandoned Quarry

Growing up in a large family in a tin mining village in Malaysia, Kaye-Anne would seek solace in abandoned quarries, where she would sing to herself. At the age of ten, an inspiring encounter with a local singer, producer, and songwriter left an indelible mark on her mind, sparking her interest in writing poems about her family and the world around them.

From Quarry to Musical Productions

Kaye-Anne's journey from the Malaysian quarries to creating musicals in Uppsala has been eventful, and her debut album provides glimpses of those experiences. While she has previously been involved in musicals and other music-related events, releasing music as a solo artist is a new venture for her. Her journey continues with joy and anticipation, as we join Kaye-Anne, the talented songwriter and artist, on her musical path.

Released via KMR Studios