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Mack Gibson

Min långtradarlåt

Release Date: November 12, 2021


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On November 12, Uppsala artist Mack Gibson releases his new song “Min långtradarlåt” (translated: My Trucking Song) at KMR Studios! A tribute song inspired by the people he has had the chance to meet and get to know during the many nights on the road.

Mack got the inspiration for the song on a winter night over four years ago. Sitting in his truck waiting to continue driving after a traffic stop, the thoughts of a tribute song came to life. Mack worked for a long time driving trucks at night, a period in his life where he had the honor of creating connections with people who are still close to his heart. The inspiration for the song came from the colleagues he got to know during his time on the road, and he decided to immortalize these encounters in a song.

The song’s cheerful pop-country sound is catchy as usual, and in addition to Mack’s distinctive vocals, a wide range of instruments, including guitars, bass, piano, and ukulele, have found their place in the song.

“Min långtradarlåt” is Mack Gibson’s second song released at KMR Studios!

KMR grandient bakgrund

“I feel incredibly satisfied with Filip at KMR.”

– Mack Gibson

Artist: Mack Gibson
Songwriter: Mikael Strömqvist
Production, Mixing & Mastering: Filip Killander
Photo: Sebastian Thorén
Artwork & Canvas: Filip Killander
Release Date: 2021-11-12
Editor: Hila Stefansson
Publisher: KMR Studios
Mack Gibson: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, and Bass
Filip Killander: Sound producer, Background vocals, Drums, Piano, and Ukulele
mack gibson profilbild 2022

Behind the artist name Mack Gibson, we find Mikael Strömqvist. A pop and country musician from Uppsala who writes music with a sound and voice drawn from the best of both the country and pop world.

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