Mattias Hoffert releases ‘Psalm 24’

Artist Mattias Hoffert releases his latest EP ‘Psalm 24’, which contains two songs with a unique and exciting sound, while also carrying a common message of comfort in difficult times.

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The Origin of the EP

The genesis of the EP ‘Psalm 24’ originated from Mattias Hoffert starting to write the first song, the theme song ‘Psalm 24’, at the beginning of 2024. Not long after, he also wrote the second song ‘Finns det någon mening?’, which was when he felt that the two songs were thematically connected and thus suitable for the same release. The lyrics of the songs were something he felt particularly attached to. Despite the songs, as Mattias describes them, “being somewhat different in musical expression,” they ultimately come together in a beautiful way, embodying largely Mattias’ own feelings and style that listeners recognize.

According to the artist, the fact that these particular songs came about is primarily due to two factors. The first is his long-standing desire to start writing psalms, a thought that has inspired him. Secondly, he wrote these songs with thoughts about everything happening in the world right now, aiming to “offer some kind of comfort in this darkness” through music.

Sound and Ambition

Mattias finds it challenging to pinpoint and describe the genre or sound of the release. However, what is clear is that the songs are melodic and melancholic, yet they also have a sense of hopefulness shining through. This is also what the artist wants the listener to feel when experiencing the music.

If the artist were to articulate how the music in ‘Psalm 24’ sounds, he would phrase it somewhat like “electronic church music for the 2020s.” This is an intriguing combination that gives the two tracks a stamp of originality and creativity.

Regarding Mattias’ own desire to write psalm music, he himself suggests that “an organ doesn’t make a psalm, certainly. But there was an ambition in this project to draw inspiration from classical church music and bring it into the 2020s.” This was largely the goal of producing the EP, something that both he and we at KMR believe he has succeeded in.

While the artist himself believes that the recipients of the release might possibly be a smaller audience due to the specific sound, he argues that what’s important is that those who discover the songs can find some comfort in our “crazy” times.


Artist: Mattias Hoffert
Text & Music: Mattias Hoffert

Producer: Mattias Hoffert

Mixing: Mattias Hoffert
Mastering: Filip Killander

Mastering: KMR Studios
Year of recording: 2024

Mattias Hoffert: Song, Sounding producer

Executive production
Graphic Design: Erik Almqvist
Editor: Erik Almqvist
Release: KMR Studios, 2023 05 17

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