Mattias Hoffert

"I write music to express emotions, and that can result in a gentle piano ballad or a catchy pop song."

Exploring all genres

Mattias Hoffert is a musician and songwriter based in Halmstad, Sweden. Mattias allows his music to be influenced by his state of mind, resulting in dynamic and multi-layered music in constant motion. At home, on his wife's untuned piano, Mattias lets his emotions turn into melody loops. With a bit of luck, a chord progression or loop stays with him, which he considers good enough to build upon. Mattias writes music in all genres but would describe his music as melodic and often melancholic. Anything can happen, and it is only the moment that determines the direction of the music he creates.

On stage from an early age

At the age of 6, he received a red shirt, white pants, and a pair of gold-sprayed shoes as a birthday present. Inspired by Herreys, he convinced some reluctant friends to hold a concert in their neighborhood. In first grade, Mattias played four chords on "guld eller silver" (gold or silver), a poem he had written, which he then performed at the school graduation. But despite the early debut, it was not until his teenage years that Mattias truly began composing and writing music. Then and now, songwriting serves as a vent to process and express the feelings and thoughts he carries inside. With influences from bands like Kent, Coldplay, and Keane, Mattias creates music without specific goals and more for the joy of creation.

Music creation without demands

For Mattias Hoffert, the production process of music has become increasingly exciting in recent times. He appreciates working towards achieving a final result that resembles the vision he has in his mind. It's fun when the songs come to life. When asked about his dreams and goals, he replied, "I don't know if one must have goals or if it's about going with the flow. But of course, I enjoy creating music, so having the opportunity to do it to an even greater extent would be fun."

Released via KMR Studios

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