Mattias Hoffert
We Will All Die Someday

Released: December 9, 2022


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In the comfort of his home piano, Mattias Hoffert created melodies that would later form the foundation for the songs on his new EP, “Vi kommer ändå alla dö nångång” (We Will All Die Someday). It offers lyrics to relate to, beautifully packaged in four shades of pop with a sound that we associate with Mattias Hoffert. Music and lyrics were written simultaneously during the process, and Mattias shares that in the lyrics of one of the songs, “Ikaros tvilling” (Icarus’ Twin), it deals with one’s own expectations and inner demons trying to convince you that you’re not enough. Sometimes we dream big and aim for the stars, only to eventually realize that we might just be ordinary and not particularly special, and how heavy that fall can feel.

This song carries a message that feels relevant to everyone, embedded in a stylish sound that we associate with Mattias Hoffert. So this and much more can be found in Mattias’ new release, “Vi kommer ändå alla dö nångång”.

“I greatly appreciate our collaboration. Quick contact and professional handling in everything.”

– Mattias Hoffert

Artist: Mattias Hoffert
Lyrics & Music: Mattias Hoffert
Production & Mix: Mattias Hoffert
Mastering: Filip Killander 
Artwork & Canvas: Filippa Bertilsson
Recording Studio: KMR Studios
Mixing & Mastering Studio: KMR Studios
Year of Recording: 2022
Release Date: 2022
Editor: Rasmus Bilow
Publisher: KMR Studios
Mattias Hoffert: Vocals, Piano, Sound Producer
Mattias hoffert profilbild artist

Mattias Hoffert is a musician and songwriter based in Halmstad, Sweden. Mattias allows his music to be influenced by his state of mind, giving expression to a dynamic and multi-layered music that is constantly in motion.

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