Slap Back Joe Releases New Album

On March 15, blues band Slap Back Joe will release their second studio album. Ten adrenaline-filled tracks with noticeable rock influences grab the listener’s attention from beginning to end. Catchy rock/blues and guitar solos, what more could you ask for?

Listen to the release here

Captivating the Listener’s Attention

The blues album “Singing My Blues Away” is a collection of songs that tell a story about the fictional character “Slap Back Joe”; a young guy with dreams of making a living from music. The album’s sound draws inspiration from the pop/rock genre in its successful endeavor to captivate the listener’s attention. At the same time, none of the songs lose touch with their roots; blues. Gritty, groovy, and wonderfully retro-modern blues permeate every track on the album.


Good Enough

We asked Raimo, the band leader of Slap Back Joe, about how the songs came about and their thoughts on the finished record:
“Since we recorded in our own studio, we could experiment a lot and try different sounds. Once we found the right sound for drums and guitars, the rest of the recording flowed smoothly. We had to have the right sound to move forward. You’re never finished, so we made a decision that when it was ‘good enough,’ we were done. A tremendously satisfying feeling. I have my favorites, but I don’t want to lead the listener. I’m most proud of achieving a cohesive sound despite the different types of songs. Ninnas’s vocal performance is incredibly good!”

Working with Slap Back Joe

We spoke to Filip Killander (KMR Studios), who mastered the album, about his perspective on the project:

“From the first listen, I knew right away that I wanted to work with this band. I just love their sound, lyrics, and the way they arrange songs. The biggest challenge for me when mastering the album was keeping the volume in the studio at a reasonable level. I simply couldn’t resist getting caught up in the album’s energetic vibe (which led to me constantly turning up the volume).

Listening to the album is like going to a concert – fantastic! But with that said, I haven’t seen them live yet, but I can’t wait to do so!” 


Artist: Slap Back Joe
Production & Mix: Raimo Rommedahl
Mastering: Filip Killander
Mastering Studio: KMR Studios
Graphic Editing: Filip Killander 
Recording Year: 2022
Release Date: March 15, 2023
Record Label: KMR Studios


  • Ninna Westerholm Karlsson: Lead vocals, percussion
  • Raimo Rommedahl: Electric and acoustic guitar, mandolin, backing vocals
  • Håkan Olsson: Bass
  • Thomas Persson: Drums, percussion, backing vocals
  • Ulf Kandell: Electric and acoustic guitar, backing vocals

KMR Studios - Dolby Atmos

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