Slap Back Joe

Slap Back Joe is a blues/rock band based in Allingsås, Sweden, known for their energetic live performances and studio recordings. In March 2023, they released their second studio album, "Singing My Blues Away."

From Pandemic to Festival

Slap Back Joe initially started as a blues and rock cover band, playing at various pubs and festivals from 2017 to 2020. When the pandemic hit, the band decided to focus on playing their original music. Their debut album, "System Breakdown," was released in June 2021 and received positive reviews, including a 7/10 rating from Sweden Rock Magazine.

Throughout the years, the band has also served as a backing band for artist Ninna Westerholm Karlsson, which eventually led to Ninna joining Slap Back Joe as the lead vocalist in 2022. The recording process for their follow-up album, "Singing My Blues Away," began in the fall of 2022 and was released on March 15, 2023, through Killander Music Records AB.

With their new album, the band hopes to reach a broader audience and explore new exciting opportunities.

About the Band Members

Raimo Rommedahl:
Raimo is a songwriter, producer, and the democratic band leader of Slap Back Joe. He also plays guitar and sings. Raimo has extensive experience in the music industry and wants to return to his roots of playing rock-influenced blues. His favorite song on their latest album is "End of the Road."

Ninna Westerholm Karlsson:
Ninna is a rock and blues singer known for her powerful and versatile voice. Her motto in life is "Live, Learn, and Evolve." Her favorite track on the new album is "Singing My Blues Away" because, as she puts it, "the music has helped me sing away many tragedies in life."

Ulf Kandell:
Ulf is the guitarist of the band, and he has toured the country with various blues and rock bands. He is the band member who is closest to the classic blues genre and ensures that they don't stray from their roots. His favorite song is "Waiting for the Angels of Light" because it's a delightful mix of country, blues, and classic hard rock.

Håkan "Hågge" Olsson:
Håkan is the bassist who started with hard rock but has predominantly played with blues bands as an adult. He enjoys all the songs on the album, but if he had to choose, it would be "When the Tables Are Turned" because he likes its cool sound, and he contributed to writing parts of the song.

Thomas Persson:
Thomas is the drummer in the band and has played in various contexts ranging from melodic hard rock to blues. His role is to keep the tempo in the music and maintain the band's laid-back vibe. He always keeps his sense of humor close at hand. His favorite song is "Baby," for which he wrote the riff and also provided the voice-over at the end of the track.

Released via KMR Studios