Gibson and Rozén Release the Single “I kärlekens allé”

Sandra Rozén and Mack Gibson are back with a new single, “I kärlekens allé” (In the Avenue of Love). A beautiful love ballad that was written for a wedding where the duo performed. Now recorded in the studio and in Dolby Atmos!

Listen to the release here

How Did the Song “I kärlekens allé” Come About?

It all started with a request that Sandra received; it was a couple getting married who asked if she could perform one of her songs during the ceremony. Sandra accepted the request and reached out to Mack Gibson to ask if he could play the guitar. After rehearsing together for a while, Sandra felt that the song didn’t quite fit in a wedding context. So she contacted the couple and asked if she could write a new song instead, and they agreed. Sandra then sat down and wrote until she had an almost finished song to show Mack Gibson. The song was performed at the wedding and became a success!

Sandra Rozén Shares About the Songwriting Process

If you listen carefully to the lyrics, there is some double meaning in certain things. For example, “där på en bok” (there on a book) and “om den tappar blad” (if it loses its leaves). If you take just those lines out of context, it can mean both a book with text or the tree “bok.” The couple has a favorite song that is about a book of love, hence the little hint. I received a story about how they met, things they have done together, how they feel about each other. Based on that, I started writing “I kärlekens allé.” I didn’t use their exact words but tried to interpret them and describe their love in the song.

I wrote a verse and a chorus. I took a few chords on the guitar and sang the lyrics to it. I recorded that and sent it to Mack. A few days later, we sat down together, and Mack wrote the second verse and played the melody. It turned out incredibly beautiful.

Artist: Mack Gibson, Sandra Rozén
Lyrics: Sandra Rozén and Mikael Strömqvist
Music: Sandra Rozén, Mikael Strömqvist, and Filip Killander
Production, Mix & Master: Filip Killander
Dolby Atmos: Filip Killander
Photo and Video: Sandra Rozén
Artwork & Canvas: Filip Killander
Recording Studio: KMR Studios
Mix and Master Studio: KMR Studios
Release Date: March 10, 2023
Publisher: KMR Studios
Sandra Rozén: Vocals and Backing Vocals
Mikael Strömqvist: Vocals, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, and Backing Vocals
Filip Killander: Sound Producer, Percussion, Drums, and Backing Vocals


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