The Hammerstones Release the Single Che Guevara

Artist The Hammerstones is back on November 24th with their second single, “Che Guevara,” a song with a delightful South American sound where the electric guitar takes the lead.

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A Song with a South American Feeling

It was in mid-October that “Che Guevara” came to life after the artist had read about the historical Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara’s life. This sparked inspiration that eventually led to a finished instrumental single.

The Hammerstones describe the song as having a rhythmic composition in a South American style that “feels good and uplifting to listen to repeatedly.” He also talks about how it was a goal to tonally depict how he thought Che Guevara might have been as a person. The result is a stylish musical portrait with a catchy rhythm that might make you reflect a bit more on the song’s renowned protagonist.

In the music, it’s primarily the guitars that, with a clear hand, lead both melody and rhythm, and placing the music with the guitar was something the artist particularly appreciated.”

Artist’s Vision for the Song

According to the artist, the process of producing the song was relatively fast, but it was also nice to have it completed to now be able to share it.

Now The Hammerstones hope that the song will reach as many listeners as possible and have the vision for it to be played on South American radio stations, allowing the continent’s residents to enjoy it. This is an exciting idea to follow!


Music Production

Artist: The Hammerstones
Text & Music: Tommy Hammarsten
Technician: Filip Killander – Master
           Christopher Göthberg (Sonika Studio) – Mixing
Studio: KMR Studios – Master
    Sonika Studio – Recording, Mixing

Contributing Musicians

Tommy Hammarsten: Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar.
          Andreas Sahlin: Electric Bass.
          Per Olof Alm: Drums.

Executive Production

Graphic Design: Erik Almqvist – Learn more
Recording Year: 2023
Release Date: 2023-11-24
Editor: Erik Almqvist
Record Label: KMR Studios
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KMR Studios - Dolby Atmos

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