Savannah Strand Releases Debut Single “Passenger Princess”

Artist Savannah Strand is releasing her first single, “Passenger Princess,” on December 1st. It’s a self-written song with a dreamy and captivating feel. The song features a beautiful and embracing lyrics that perfectly complement the distinct pop sound of the music production.

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A Song About Secret Love

“Passenger Princess” is a song that Savannah started writing in 2016, the year she met someone she deeply cared for. However, their relationship was kept a secret until it came to an end, remaining their own little secret even today. The lyrics describe the emotions and love in the relationship and are characterized by a desire to get to know the person on a deeper level.
The song is clearly inspired by the hit songs of 2016 and has a distinct pop sound while also carrying a dreamy depth in both its lyrics and music. Savannah’s present and gentle voice, along with the floating sounds in the verses, envelop the listener in a soothing tranquility. At the same time, the choruses get you moving to the pop rhythm.
Her favorite part of the song is the lyrics and what they describe, as well as how the song dynamically shifts between a dreamy calm and a desire to dance. She describes the song as making her reminisce about wonderful memories while also creating a desire to dance and fall in love.

Eager to Continue with Music

Savannah has found the process of bringing her first song to life exciting and nerve-wracking in the best possible way, and finally seeing the song completed has brought a wonderful feeling. Savannah is looking forward to the release and hopes that the song will open more doors for her as an artist and be a step forward in her music career.
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