Tommy Hammarsten is releasing Teardrops From Heaven

The skilled musician and guitarist Tommy Hammarsten releases his latest single ‘Teardrops From Heaven’! The song has a stylish touch of classic rock while also building on an emotional theme.

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Behind the song’s theme

The starting point for the creation of the song was when the artist himself, a couple of months ago, was out for a walk in the neighborhood when he suddenly caught sight of a beautiful celestial phenomenon that immediately captured his attention. What he saw was a heavenly sight in the form of an angel in cloud form, whose body radiated light from the sun behind.

The sight, which also adorns the cover of the song, made a strong impression on him, which also linked to something he had recently been thinking about and been touched by. Namely, the fact that young soldiers are being sent out to the front lines in the ongoing war on the continent. This inspired him to create the song and its lyrics, which tell about the personal sacrifice that many make to protect others.

The sound and feeling of Teardrops From Heaven

Tommy Hammarsten himself describes the style and feeling of the song as classic and relaxing, as it has both a classic and stylish rock sound while also expressing a pleasant calmness both in the guitar riffs and in the vocals.

Something the artist found particularly enjoyable in the recording of the song was especially the harmonies and the guitar playing. They distinguish the song in a way that both makes the listener recognize Tommy’s lovely sound but also creates a feeling of grandeur in the arrangement. This was something that he, together with the others in the recording studio, had a great collaboration on, and which contributed to a fine whole that conveys the message well.

When the song was finished, the artist found it both fun and interesting to see a final result of the musical representation of the theme he had emotional thoughts about.

Now Tommy Hammarsten hopes that as many people as possible will like the song and listen to it repeatedly, which we at KMR agree with!


Artist: Tommy Hammarsten
Text & Music: Tommy Hammarsten

Mixing: Cristopher Göthberg
Mastering: Filip Killander

Recording: Sonika Studio
Mixing: Sonika Studio
Mastering: KMR Studios
Year of recording: 2023

Tommy Hammarsten: Guitar and song

Christopher Göthberg: Drums and sound-effects                                                                                                      Andreas Sahlin: Bass

Executive production
Graphic Design: Erik Almqvist
Editor: Erik Almqvist
Release: KMR Studios, 2024 04 12

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