Mujinga releases ‘Kung av Sverige’

The rapper and artist Mujinga is currently releasing the single “Kung av Sverige”, a song with a smooth R&B vibe and many skillfully performed rap lines conveying an uplifting message.

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The Artist’s Thoughts on “Kung av Sverige”

The song consists of a calmer rap that simultaneously maintains a high tempo, where the feeling for each word is present and meets the listener with both confidence and passion. The collaboration with the singer of the song, Tom Touray, also creates a delightful combination of singing and rap. The artist himself explains what he wanted to convey with “Kung av Sverige”: “I wanted to create a song that celebrates when people collaborate, inspire, and motivate each other in their different experiences and knowledge. The belief that a strong country, in this case Sweden, lies in harnessing people’s learning and being able to celebrate each other’s cultures and backgrounds.”

The text joyfully describes Persian women dancing, Vikings standing guard, and African drums being played, where multiculturalism becomes the modern empire. However, in the first verse of the song, it’s exactly the opposite, describing a cult-like group following their authoritarian leader with a strong belief in populist politics where the elite is more important than anything else. Finally, the third verse has a connection to nature and almost the spiritual, talking about the first people who set foot on Swedish soil, who were dark-skinned with blue eyes.

The artist believes that even though there’s a political image in the song, he wants it to be light-hearted and enjoyable to engage with the song, its sound, and its message.

Feeling Towards the Release

Mujinga himself finds it very fun and creative to work on the song, feeling that it’s the perfect time to release it. The artist’s favorite part of the song is: “in the third verse when the howling comes and Tom screams ‘Sweden’ in the background, while the rap increases in energy and tempo.”

The dream now is to create a music video for “Kung av Sverige” as the artist already has a clear vision of how it should look. The vision is a comedic and playful music video that he believes can spark lively interest among the audience. He’s also excited to see how the song will be received and what reactions it will evoke from the listeners.


Artist: Mujinga, Tom Touray
Text & Music: Mujinga

Technicians:                                                                                                                                                                Mixing: Filip Killander
Mastering: Filip Killander

Studio                                                                                                                                                                            Mixing: KMR Studios
Mastering: KMR Studios
Year of recording: 2023

Dolby Atmos
Technician: Filip Killander
Studio: KMR Studios

Musicians:                                                                                                                                                                    Mujinga: Rap
Tom Touray: Song                                                                                                                                                    Christoph Schreiner: Music

Executive Production:
Graphic Design: Erik Almqvist
Editor: Erik Almqvist
Release: KMR Studios, 2024 04 19

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Mixed and Mastered in Dolby Atmos

This production has been mixed and mastered in Dolby Atmos. KMR Studios is one of the few studios in Sweden that's actually certified by Dolby. This means that both the studio room and the technician working on the music meet international high standards.

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