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Studio B is designed to be a meeting and workplace for creative people. Beginners and experienced alike can feel welcome here. In Studio B there is plenty of seatings and surfaces for you to use however you want. We also offer the option of renting the studio (unmanned) to be able to work independently. Please contact us for more information about renting Studio B.

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Available in Studio B

Rent music studio
Book a fixed day/time in Studio B to work on your projects in a professional, inspiring environment in the middle of Uppsala.
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Wedding parties, Bachelor parties & Events
Studio B is perfect for larger groups, smaller gigs, collaborations and lots of other fun.
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What is included?

Studio B is a perfect combination between the creative and the social. We have made sure that everyone can feel at home and focus on creating music! 

– Macbook Pro 2020 // 3,2 GHz 8-Core M1 // Apple M1 GPU 16 GB 1278 MHz LPDDR4X // 

Studio monitors
– Adam Audio A7x
– Adam Audio Sub10 MK2 Subwoofer

– 2st Audio Technica ATH-M50x
– PreSonus HD60 Headphone preamp

Audio interface/Preamp
– Universal Audio Apollo x4

– 1st SM58
– 1st Sennheiser e935
– 1st Røde NT1A
– 2st Røde M5

– Casio digital piano
– Acoustic guitar
– Electric guitar
– Electric bass
– A selection of percussions

In the studio we mirror the computers display to a TV-screen, so you will always be able to follow what is happening during the session. 

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