KMR Studios x Yellow Music United

For our upcoming projects
Starting today, our music projects will include singing lessons. This is to ensure that the song has the best possible prospects to sound as good as it can. This also ensures that the singer does not damage their voice in the process of singing! But most importantly, we believe that this will be an exciting and enjoyable experience for our dear artists.

For our existing artists and musicians
The introductory course is usually only available to those who are enrolled in YMU’s basic training in vocal technique. The course consists of three lessons focusing on building a foundation from which you, as a singer, can find and develop your vocal technique. Through the collaboration with KMR & YMU, you (as an artist at KMR) have the opportunity to take part in the introductory course. You can even do this without committing to the entire training (12 lessons)!

For students at YMU
We have also opened our doors to the students and songbirds at YMU. As part of their education, they now have the opportunity to visit KMR Studios. Here at KMR, you can gain insight into what the work as a singer or producer can look like in practice.
Contact us today, and we will tell you more!

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